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Organic Green Tea Matcha : SoFresh Matcha Organic Premium Grade - 30g

SoFresh Matcha

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- A unique taste, a handmade traditional production in the region of Kyoto
- A 100% certified organic agriculture health benefit
- All the benefits of the green tea Matcha, among the most powerful superfoods
- Can be consumed pure or in a very large number of delicious and easy recipes

SoFresh Matcha is your best source of organic green tea Matcha. Its delicious taste, due to an environmentally friendly traditional handmade farming in the region of Kyoto, is matched only by its quality: this Matcha tea is grown and packed strictly in accordance with the Japanese organic agriculture criteria – It is furthermore certified “USDA Organic”. SoFresh Matcha contains all the health components of the best superfood in the world: an outstanding amount of antioxidants, L-theanine to relax body and mind, vitamins, and a record amount of catechin to protect your body against external aggression.

Our Premium grade is of superior quality and therefore we recommend to consume it pure, only mixed with some hot water.
30g allow you to prepare from 25 to 30 cups of Matcha tea, according to your dosing preference. Our can packaging helps retaining all the freshness of the tea, protecting it from moisture and light even after opening.