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Shoan-en Matcha from Japan Ceremonial Grade - 30g


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- Shoan-en, the art and the passion of tea ceremony
- The history of the Matcha green tea, its value, tradition and modernity
- Well-being and health, the multiple benefits of a unique food
- Hints and tips: reinvent your recipes on a daily basis

Shoan-en is an authentic premium brand of Matcha green tea of the Uji region, Kyoto, birthplace of the Japanese tea ceremony. Cultivated in the most traditional way in a family farm, this Matcha green tea is an ode to taste, respect of ancestral techniques and continuous pursuit of superior quality. Because of the level of requirement of its producer, only small amounts are produced every year. The green tea Matcha Shoan-en is exceptionally gentle and velvety, with strong Umami and no acidity. Rest your mind and dive into the Zen spirit with this rare and precious Matcha green tea.

Shoan-en Ceremonial Grade is commonly used for tea ceremony: it is hence particularly recommended to consume it pure. Just mix it with some non-boiling water (we suggest the use of a Chasen whisk) and it will naturally produce a creamy and velvety foam.
30g allow you to prepare from 25 to 30 cups of Matcha green tea, according to your dosing preference. The can packaging Shoan-en helps retaining all the freshness of the tea even after opening, protecting it perfectly from moisture and light.

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