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SoFresh Matcha
SoFresh Matcha is your ultimate source of Organic Matcha Green Tea. It combines excellence in taste - it is grown from small organic plots in the Kyoto region - and excellence in health: this Matcha is grown and packed strictly according to JAS/JONA standards (Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association), and is also certified USDA and EU organic! Enjoy a healthy boost every day and indulge your body with SoFresh Matcha: Fresh & Organic!
Shoan-En is an authentic premium brand of Matcha Green Tea originating from the oldest cradle of tea ceremony culture In Japan: Uji, Kyoto. Cultivated in purely traditional way in a small family-held farm, its Matcha is entirely devoted to taste, tradition, and the search for higher quality. Only small batches are produced each year, because of the high standards of the maker. Shouan-En allows only for exceptionally sweet Matcha with high Umami, and no acidity. Soothe your mind and indulge in the Zen spirit with this elusive and rare Matcha Green Tea.
GrandMa's Matcha
At last we have Matcha Green Tea that’s specially designed for all your cooking needs: Grandma’s Matcha is ideal for cakes and baking, but also delicious in smoothies or homemade ice-creams! It is remarkably easy to mix and its flavour is sweet, smooth and natural. Experiment, invent your own delicious recipes or prepare a classic one with this high quality cooking Matcha Green Tea!
Simply Matcha
Enjoy delicious meals & drinks and be healthy while keeping your budget reasonable with Simply Matcha: an elegant and sober brand, focusing on the best quality Matcha at the best price. Discover the great taste and health benefits of high-quality Matcha Green Tea from Japan at the lowest cost on the market!