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Matcha: A Rising Instagram Star

Matcha: A Rising Instagram Star

Was it for the attractive bright green hue that it gives to foods and beverages, or was it the crafty and creative way that matcha was introduced to the dish or drink? Surely, snapshot-posters in Instagram are not just huffed up on tea caffeine when they uploaded their gorgeous green tea-centric product shots in the popular photo-sharing site. 

As of this writing, there are now more than 1.75 million posts in Instagram under #matcha, some of which garnering thousands of ‘likes’ in the process. Thousands are proudly posting photos or videos of their own kitchen creations, while others of their wonderful finds in some swanky, chic or even modest cafes, restaurants, bakeries, bars, confectioneries and even kiosks. No wonder, matcha is being tagged as one of the trendiest foodstuffs in this era.


You will notice that the products featured under the said hashtag are widely diverse, a proof of matcha’s numerous uses other than for making nourishing and system-cleansing tea drinks. The vibrant and luscious green tea powder is photographed in traditional tea beverages, lattes, cakes, pastries, ice creams, candies, pasta noodles, sauces and a lot more. It is even shown in beauty products such as facemasks, skin creams, body scrubs, and even hair treatment mixtures.

Here are 10 of the most appetizing and well-acknowledged #matcha postings in the world of Instagram:


1. Dadelkugler Rolled in Matcha

Posted by Instagrammer anneauchocolat, this photo has already more than 3,600 ‘likes’ and 30+ comments. It features a Danish treat called Dadelkugler made by the photo-sharer herself. This truffle-like dessert pleasantly combined the sweetness of the ball of chocolates with the umami quality and bitter note of sifted raw matcha powder.

Photo source:

One great thing about the recipe is that the matcha powder was used raw, so you can ingest all its undiminished amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and chlorophyll content. You can try making some of these treats on your own, as Anne also posted a recipe in her blog


2. Matcha Sponge Cake

Posted by well-liked Instagrammer itd_be_rude_not_to, this beautiful snapshot already has more than 2,300+ likes and almost 80 comments. Based on the hashtags, it can be deduced that this photo of mouthwatering green tea sponge cake with matcha cream was taken at Via Tokyo, a popular dessert bar in Hong Kong that features the sweet cuisine of various regions of Japan.

Photo source:

The said restaurant in Causeway Bay, a tourist district in the former British colony is actually a matcha-lovers’ paradise. They serve a wide array of sweet treats blended with the highly nutritious and flavorful green tea powder, including soft-serve ice cream, cheesecake, cream sandwich and a myriad of wonderful sundae and parfait creations.


3. Matcha Sprinkled Soft-serve Ice Cream in Bamboo Cone

Recently posted by Instagrammer snowkou, this photo will make you hope that you are on a plane to Taiwan to enjoy this treat. This dessert is one of the most popular items in Mitsuboshien, a Japanese restaurant in Kaohsiung City that boasts of using high quality matcha from Kyoto in their specialty drinks, desserts, onigiri creations and other delicious fares.

Photo source:

Ingeniously served in a polished and sterilized piece of bamboo, this treat of swirly vanilla ice cream generously topped with sifted bright green tea powder and garnished with a piece of sugar waffle can grab anyone’s attention. It is beautiful, as it is also delicious, refreshing and nutritious.


4. Matcha Kuzu Soy Milk Jelly

One of the awesome photos posted by dairyandcream in Instagram, it currently has a tally of 375 ‘likes’. Li Tian, a Singaporean travel and good blogger took the picture in one of her gastronomic excursions to Japan. The dishes are two of several variants of matcha-infused desserts in Kinozen, a restaurant in Shinjuku Tokyo that also serves a great array of classic and modern Japanese savory dishes.

Photo source:

Although the two jelly desserts look almost the same, they are actually different. They are basically distinguished with the type of creams placed on top, which have varying flavors and consistency. Our instagrammer however claims that both items offer great relief for hot summer days, as they are both refreshing and delicious at the same time.


5. Matcha Tiramisu

Posted recently by Instagrammer ichigoichieizakaya, the photo aims to promote a hip restaurant and watering hole in Montreal Canada. Serving as the centerpiece of a beautifully composed still life photograph, the lovely Italian-Japanese fusion dessert is actually one of the bestselling items of the restaurant-bar. The Matcha Tiramisu is just one of the many modern Japanese-Western fusion desserts purveyed by Ichigo Ichie Izakaya, along with a wide array of delectable entrees, appetizers, sushi and sashimi plates and specialty drinks.

Photo source:

This well-loved dessert is served in a small glass, which shows the alternating layers of delicious cream, matcha and other enjoyable components. It is finished with a drizzle of the vibrant green tea powder on top, making it a more appetizing, flavorful and healthful treat.


6. Matcha Latte

This next photo displays the true essence of beauty in simplicity. The photo sharer is actually no stranger to the subject of beauty, as she is a professional fashion model living in Paris, the mecca of the fashion world. Instagrammer Sarah Poultry took this nice photo of a frothy green tea latte that shows the basic artistry involved in creating a café style drink.


Photo source:

For those who have no idea of the constitution of a good quality matcha latte (where have you been hiding?!), it requires a high quality green tea powder, either Café Grade or the Ceremony Grade, the top classification. It will be blended with either dairy or non-dairy (almond, soy, etc.) frothed steamed milk, thus creating a creamy, flavorful and mood-enhancing drink that is loaded with antioxidants and amino acids. Sweeteners may also be added as desired.

Click HERE to learn more about Matcha Grades.


7. Matcha Lemonade

This photo uploaded by Instagrammer safood.e, seems to create an optical illusion that the bike is sitting on top of the glass of green beverage. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but the drinking straw is in almost perfect alignment with the vehicle’s seat holder. Whether the shot is mere coincidence or planned, it elicited numerous ‘likes’.


Photo source:

Matcha lemonade, the focal point of the photo, is a well-balanced concoction. The green tea powder’s organic vegetal taste and subtle sweetness can work really well with the sourness of the lemon juice. With the addition of simple syrup or other sweetener and ice, this drink will surely be great after an exhilarating run or bike ride. It will also be nice refreshment for lounging on the beach, or for chilling out on the patio after a hard day’s work.


8. Matcha Float

If you find ice-blended matcha latte really delightful like I do, imagine how it will taste with a scoop of a creamy vanilla ice cream on top. It must be heavenly! Bento Tei, posted the stunning snapshot below in Instagram to show one of their specialty drinks that diners are raving about. The said Japanese Fusion restaurant is located in Nagoya Citywalk, which will make you think it is in Japan. The said mall however, and of course the eatery, is located in Kota Batam, Indonesia.

Photo source:

The drink is a pleasing combination of sweetness from the vanilla ice cream and malty quality from the green tea latte. It also has a fresh vegetal note from the matcha drizzle. It’s a very refreshing, tasty and nutritious treat that is so apt for Southeast Asia’s tropical weather, or for summer seasons in Western countries. 


9. Matcha Power Smoothie

The dish shown in the photo uploaded by Instagrammer dontworrylivefatty, is as colorful as the Zen gardens in Kyoto, the birthplace of high quality Japanese matcha, as well as traditional tea ceremonies. The first green tea seeds brought into the country in late 12th century by the Buddhist priest Eisai are actually planted on the soil of the said historic city.

Photo source:

Going back to the dish, it is probably one of the most flavorful, nutritious and medicinal breakfasts anyone could ever have. For starter, matcha is known to contain high levels of antioxidants, chlorophyll and amino acids. Throw in some of the most recognized power foods in the world such as kale, fresh berries, coconut milk, chia seeds and assorted food slices, and voila! You have the tour de force of power smoothies.


Triple-Matcha Keroppi Lamingtons

In just two weeks since it was posted in the Instagram, this cute snapshot by sweet_essence_ of her matcha-infused baked products has already garnered 2,600+ ‘likes’. Inspired by the iconic Sanrio character Keroppi, our Instagrammer / home baker has given the traditional Australian sponge cake a fresh green color and flavor, as well as a funny face.


Photo source: 

The square-shaped lamingtons are traditionally rolled in desiccated coconut, but in this instance they were also bowled in a bed of matcha powder to replicate Keroppi’s color. Not only that it gave the said delicacy an exotic and pleasant green tea taste but also an enormous load of L-theanine and EGCG (epigallocatechin-gallate), among other healthful substances. The former is an amino acid that produces a mood-boosting effect, while the latter is a rare polyphenol that helps our bodies to fight off a myriad of diseases.


The examples featured here is just a tiny tip of an enormous iceberg. That’s just 10 in more than 1.75 million Instagram posts. And the number escalates every day, a proof of the unrelenting growth of matcha’s global popularity.