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5 Amazing Matcha Desserts from Cafes Across Asia

5 Amazing Matcha Desserts from Cafes Across Asia

Matcha is now increasingly utilized as highlight component for various gorgeous desserts. Next to making flavorful lattes and traditional green tea brews, it definitely is the next best use for the antioxidant-rich pulverized green tea leaves.

Not only that matcha give dessert items a natural vibrant green hue, it likewise provides an earthy counterbalance to the treats’ lavish sweetness. Upon discovering the silky-smooth powder’s versatility as an ingredient, along with its tremendous nutritional and medicinal properties, numerous professional pastry chefs and home bakers started using it more and more in various sugary creations.

Photo credit: Matcha One, Taiwan

Across Asia, countless restaurants, cafes and bars have come up with signature dishes and drink concoctions highlighting matcha as ingredient. There were even food and beverage establishments that were built around the emerald-colored powder. This article aims to showcase some of the best matcha-infused desserts available in the region. Here are some of the must-try treats, and where you can find them:


1. Matcha Gateaux Chocolate Parfait

From: Nana’s Green Tea, Tokyo Japan

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This refreshing sweet treat is one of the four signature matcha-centric parfait creations of Nana’s Green Tea, a fast growing matcha café chain with almost 80 branches in Japan and a few more in several other Asian countries. Besides matcha ice cream topped with whipped cream and matcha sauce, this particular item also features a special matcha pudding and several other delicious ingredients.

Nana’s Green Tea specializes in classic and modern Japanese desserts that include cakes, red bean soups and signature sundae creations. They also serve a nice line up of matcha and adzuki bean lattes, as well as an assortment of hot and cold coffee, juices and tea concoctions including traditional matcha brew with pieces of wagashi or Japanese sweets on the side.

They have several convenient locations in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo and other cities. Check for more details.


2. Matcha Lava Cake

From: Babette Restaurant & Bar, Singapore


Photo credit: Nicole Poi of

This luscious dessert plate is one of the bestsellers of the aforementioned modern French and Japanese fusion restaurant in Parc Sovereign Hotel in Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore. The said delicious treat is a perfect marriage of European and Oriental classic ingredients and techniques, which characterizes the place’s entire menu.

The resulting dish is a perfect blend of sweetness and subtle bitterness from the mixture of white chocolate and matcha powder that make up the fondant. To further enhance your gastronomic experience, it is served with a homemade vanilla ice cream topped with adzuki red beans.

Babette Restaurant & Bar cleverly combines two distinctive cuisines that resulted to complex yet harmonious flavors. Their house specialties include Steak & Foie Gras Donburi, Duck Confit Donburi and their signature Babette Chirashi Donburi, among others. 

Check out for more details.


3. Frozen Green Tea

By: Tonkatsu by Terazawa, Makati City Philippines

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This dessert is absolutely perfect for the Philippines’ hot tropical climate. It is made of a hefty layer of matcha ice cream crammed between a topping of soft meringue and a bottom layer of crushed graham crackers. The texture and flavor combination of these three main segments is simply divine and highly refreshing.

Tonkatsu by Terazawa is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in katsu dishes or deep-fried breaded meat cutlets. Among the protein choices include prawns, oysters, chicken, white fish and of course, pork, as their name suggests. They have three branches scattered between two major metropolises in the Philippines.

Check out for more details.


4. Matcha Mille Crepe Cake

By: Matcha One, Taipei City, Taiwan


Photo credit: Matcha One

This multi-layer cake is actually a French creation with a Japanese twist. It is consisted of several sheets of crepes bound together with coatings of matcha-crème sauce interspersed with layers of adzuki red bean paste, a common component for most traditional Japanese confectioneries called wagashi. The top is dusted with confectioner’s sugar and sifted green tea powder. It is poured with white-chocolate and matcha sauce on top prior to consumption.

Matcha One is a new matcha bar in Taiwan’s capital city. It offers an assortment of drink concoctions that are basically a cross between Taiwanese bubble milk tea and matcha latte. They likewise serve traditional matcha brews as well as various Asian sweet treats and baked goodies.

Look for Matcha One’s facebook page for more details.


5. Uji Matcha Cheesecake

By: Via Tokyo, Hong Kong


Photo credit: Via Tokyo

This creamy and flavorful dessert is like a slice of heaven. It has the rich yet light quality that everyone likes about cheesecake with the added umami quality of matcha. It is served with a drizzle of thick and sweet green sauce on the side and a shot of whipped cream on top. It’s a certified palate pleaser. 

Via Tokyo is located in Causeway Bay Hong Kong, and is a part of chain of dessert bars that include locations in Japan and Singapore. It is known for its delightful parfait and sundae creations and other sweets such as cakes, ice cream cones. They also serve hot or cold matcha lattes and other beverage mixes, as well as wagashi treats like mochi, dango and more. 

Look for Via Tokyo in facebook to learn more about their products and locations.

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